Framing for life

Tikli’s fences and sheds are a long-lasting, modern and quickly assembled solution for comfortable living in cities and built-up areas. Our aluminium fences let you build personalised and stylish structures, and our finished sheds provide options for storage and garbage disposal from small dustbin sheds to large bicycle shelters.

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Tiklipiha, Tikli-katos, Tikli-aita. Tiklin ratkaisut varastoinnin tai jätehuollon tarpeisiin


Whyt to choose Tikli products?

Thanks to its lightweight construction and a functional fastening mechanism, aluminum Tikli fences and sheds are easy to set up, light erect and easy to modify and do not require separate builders or permits. Make your municipality a statement of action or a permit application before actions just to make sure.

Guaranteed quality
Tikli garden products are designed to withstand. Tikli sheds are backed by a 30-year rust-free guarantee.

Release your yard! Tikli yarn products are easy to care and weather-resistant. Aluminum material from Tikli yarn products does not rupture or rust and does not need a regular painting like a wood - just washing is enough.

The gorgeous, timeless and modern look fits naturally in the surrounding nature and other buildings. With Tikli-garden products, you finalize your garden and garden plans and increase your property value.

Aluminum used for making Tikli yard products is long lasting, durable and fully recyclable.

Designed for Finland, made in Finland
Tikli yarn products are designed to withstand the varying conditions in Finland - cobblestones, sunshine, rainfall and snow.

Tikli Sheds now also fully customized! 

We can tailor your sheds to suit your needs, for example, for condominiums, industrial designs or other public buildings.

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Tikli Group - Quality Assurance of Aluminum Structures Competence

Tikli Group Oy is a company that started operations in Vimpel in 1992 in South Ostrobothnia. Its first steps were taken in the early 60's. We currently employ 40 people and our turnover is about 10 million euros.

Continuous product development and commitment of our staff to the development and manufacture of primitive products and services is a matter of pride for us. Quality and environmental issues are a key part of our business strategy, as evidenced by a certified operating system ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 12001: 2004.

Tikli is founded 1992

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